Heat Shrink & Stretch Sleeve Label and Tamper Evident Band Multipack Applicators

Browse through Axon's library of videos showcasing solutions for heat shrink sleeve label applicators, stretch sleeve label applicators and heat shrink tunnels. These heat shrink systems and stretch sleeve machines are durable, efficient, and ensure high quality labeling at high speeds. Watch these systems in action by click on the links below.

Axon offers a wide range of labeling solutions for diverse industries, including:

Learn more about the Axon heat shrink sleeving, tamper evident banding, and stretch sleeve systems by contacting us today.

Axon’s label applicators work at high speeds to meet high production labeling demands.

Tamper evident banding is designed to add an additional level of safety to products.

Multipack applicators use innovative technology to pack items into twin packs & other configurations.

Heat shrink tunnels are compatible with sleeve labels and tamper evident bands for maximum use.

The stretch sleeve label applicators are the perfect solution for a wide range of industries.