Radiant Heat Shrink Tunnel ThermoRay

Looking for an economical, compact and easy-to-operate radiant heat shrink tunnel? ThermoRay's infrared heating elements and powerful blower ensure even heat distribution for uniform film shrinkage. ThermoRay(TM) exemplifies "value engineering" - giving packagers just what they need - performance at a reasonable price.

ThermoRay Advantages

  • Can mount directly onto most conveyors, eliminating the need for a floor stand
  • Integrated hydraulic lift makes height adjustments easy and ergonomical
  • Draws approximately 20% less current than standard sized tunnels
  • Tunnel dimensions accommodate both tamper bands and small shrink sleeve labels

Introducing ThermoRay Express

Need it ASAP? The ThermoRay Express ships the next day via UPS Ground at a discounted price. Designed for packagers who don't need application engineering services, we're ready to take your order right now!

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  • Features & Specs

    • Heat source: two 2.5kW infrared heaters
    • Simple controls for trouble-free operation
    • Heat-up/Cool-down snap switch
    • Analogue set-point temperature adjustment
    • Mounts directly to conveyor - 50lbs total weight
    • Hydraulic-assisted lift to adjust tunnel height
    • Power requirements: 220 volts, single phase, 24 amps
    • Ingress dimensions: 4" wide x 6 1/4" high (10.16cm x 15.875cm)
    • Recommend 1/4" clearance on each side of container
    • Length: 30" (76.2 cm)
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Floor stand option available (heavy-duty, stainless steel floor stand featuring a hand-crank height adjustment)
    • Application Test Option available upon request (must send product samples prior to machine shipping)

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