Stretch Sleeve Label Applicators ST-2650

Axon's Styrotech ST-2650 stretch sleeve label applicator is designed for improved service, maintenance and operation. The ST-2650 stretch sleeve labeler is fast, running up to 60 containers per minute, and is easy to operate with only two user inputs. With speed and precision, the stretch sleeve label applicator ST-2650 ensures quality processing. Designed with time efficiency in mind, this machine allows for a variety of product requirements. When you need a fast, durable machine for your stretch sleeve labeling needs, allow Axon to meet your demands.

The ST-2650 includes a variety of features to ensure your industry needs are met. Features include a three-axis servo driven machine, a three month maintenance cycle with automatic service notifications, and an easy to use color touchscreen interface with simple user inputs.

When you need quality machinery, the ST-2650 is the perfect solution. Designed for a variety of industries, when your products require labeling, this system meets demands with precision and speed.

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  • Features & Specs

    • Servo Driven - 3-axis servo driven machine
    • Fast - Speeds up to 60 containers per minute
    • Low Maintenance - 3-month maintenance cycle with automatic service notifications
    • Ease of Use - Color touch screen interface with simple user inputs enable recipe-free operation
    • "On-the-fly" Adjustments - Speed changes and label height are easy to adjust with no need to stop machine and with only one parameter change
    • Multi-Language - English or Spanish
    • Quick Changeovers - Easy access to label roll position
    • Network Connectivity - Ethernet is standard on machines
    • Accurate Records - Total machine cycle count and shift cycle count maintained even through power outages
  • Features & Specs

    • Enhanced Safety Features - Machine continues to cycle through "dry runs" if no containers are in line as a warning to others that machine is still in use
    • Control Reliable Safety Circuits - Redundant and meet all OSHA standards
    • 3-month maintenance cycle represents 200% improvement
    • All valves and sensors run to field wiring blocks which makes it easier to service with no need to open electrical cabinets to replace components
    • All sensors and valves are now quick connect with no splicing, no wiring involved
    • Industrial rated connectors are much more robust, faster and easier to service with less cost
    • Automatic service notifications
    • Fault history and input/output status is available from Operator Interface

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