Styrotech® ST-2650 Stretch Sleeve Applicators

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Styrotech® ST-2650 stretch sleeve applicators are designed to accommodate a wide range of container types, shapes, and sizes including large jugs and bottles. They deliver dependable performance at steady-state speeds up to 60 cpm.

ST-2650 stretch sleeve systems incorporate a three-axis servo motion control system that provides accurate, consistent label placement, on-the-fly speed changes and label height adjustments and reduced maintenance.

The three-axis servo motion control system and updated machine program enable the ST-2650 to deliver steady-state production speeds over 100% faster than traditional pneumatic stretch sleeve label applicators.

A cantilevered frame design enables the ST-2650 to be installed using an existing conveyor. The flexible design also makes it possible to add optional casters and levelers that allow the system to be moved into and out of a production line as needed.

The ease of operation and high-speed capabilities of the ST-2650 make it one of the best values in the stretch sleeving industry.


  • Machine Conveyor - Through conveyor supplied with a sleeve label applicator
  • Container Orientation - Positions containers in required alignment prior to sleeve application
  • Light Stack - Indicates machine status
  • Casters - Optional casters and levelers allow the system to be moved into and out of a production line as needed
  • Spare Parts Kit - Recommended start-up parts inventory