HE-500 Steam Shrink Tunnel

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HE-500 standalone steam shrink tunnels offer high quality shrink performance that only steam can provide with the convenience of an integrated, self contained steam generator. Designed for efficient full-body shrink applications, the HE-500 offers seamless integration with shrink applicators and downstream equipment. When supplied with water and electricity, HE-500 systems automatically generate high quality, low pressure steam and directly supply it to an integrated shrink tunnel.

HE-500 integrated steam tunnels eliminate the need for costly centralized steam generation systems. They offer toolless container changeovers and the changeover process is simple, intuitive and repeatable.

Like every Axon shrink tunnel, HE-500 offers the flexibility to perform five important shrink applications:
  • Tamper evident bands
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Full body sleeves
  • Full body over the cap sleeves
  • Multipacks
  • Size range flexibility

    Container or multipack diameters up to 5" and heights up to 9.5"

  • Toolless size changeovers

    Fast, simple container changeovers increase uptime and enhance productivity

  • Stainless steel construction

    Durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain

  • Adjustable steam distribution

    The HE-500 features 16 perforated steam bars that are easily adjustable to achieve optimum shrink results