Heat Shrink Sleeve Tunnel Machines & Steam Shrink Tunnel Equipment

Axon's high-performance heat shrink tunnels are designed and built to meet the most challenging shrink applications. They are recognized in the industry for their flexibility and they are capable of shrinking multiple film substrates onto a wide range of container types, shapes, and sizes.

Axon offers three types of heat shrink tunnels:

  • Steam – ThermoPoint® and ThermoFlow
  • Convective – EZ-SRB
  • Radiant – ThermoRay

By offering this range of technologies and model options, Axon can recommend or specify the heat shrink tunnel type best suited to your needs, your constraints, and your budget.

For more information about our heat shrink tunnels please click on the relevant links.

High performance steam heat for optimum shrink results.

Modular convective heat tunnels ideal for production environments without steam generation capabilities.

Value priced radiant heat tunnels ideal for low shrink applications.

Standalone, integrated tunnel + self-contained steam generator ideal for sites without steam generation capabilities.

Standalone, integrated steam tunnel and steam generator provides high performance shrink option for plants without steam boilers