EZ-SRB Convective Heat Shrink Sleeve Tunnels

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EZ-SRB shrink tunnels are the convective heat models in Axon's complete line of shrink sleeve tunnels.

EZ-SRB tunnel modules are offered in 24" and 36" versions. Each module is a separate shrink zone and two or more modules are configured together to accommodate required speeds and shrink performance.

EZ-SRB tunnels are ideal for facilities that do not have steam generation capabilities. Their recirculating, digitally controlled convection heating system provides consistent, evenly distributed heat capable of delivering required shrink results.

A single EZ-SRB tunnel can accommodate a range of applications including shrink sleeve labels, tamper evident bands, and multipacks. For applications with high shrink requirements, high production speeds, or challenging container geometries, dual or custom multi-tunnel configurations will deliver the required performance.

Like every Axon shrink tunnel, EZ-SRB offers the flexibility to perform five important shrink applications:

  • Tamper evident bands
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Full body sleeves
  • Full body over the cap sleeves
  • Multi-packs

This flexibility makes Axon tunnels one of the best values in the industry.


  • Air Flow Baffles - Interchangeable airflow baffles enable tunnels to effectively handle multiple container sizes and geometries
  • Automatic Tunnel Lifter - Automatically raises tunnel during conveyor stoppages to prevent product damage
  • Casters with Leveling Pads - Enhance flexibility by making it easy to add or remove tunnels from a production line
  • Spare Parts Kit - Recommended start-up parts inventory