Steam Heat Shrink Tunnel ThermoPoint

The Second Generation Thermopoint includes a cantilevered, height adjustable frame made of high quality stainless steel for ultimate durability and operational flexibility. Axon’s new steam tunnel offers all the great features that have positioned the Thermopoint as a world leading shrink solution for packagers that value simplicity, durability, flexibility and reliability.

Built with three separate zones that can be set independently to different steam rates, heights and angles, the Thermopoint creates the highest quality shrink finish.

Axon can provide a complete steam system that includes a steam generator with automatic blowoff system and tank that meets the Thermopoint's steam pressure and flow rate requirements.

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  • Features

    • New Cantilevered Design - Standard height adjustable, cantilevered frame for long lasting operation and added flexibility
    • Maintenance Friendly - Side panels on both sides give easy accessibility to inside of tunnel
    • Modular - Available in 3- and 6-zone configurations
    • Ease of Use - Simplified steam manifold and only one knob to adjust for each of the four axis
    • Flexibility - Four axis adjustments allows for high quality shrinks on a wide variety of container shapes and sizes
    • Intuitive Design - Graduated indicators simplifies setups and adjustments
    • Easy Changeover - Only Allen wrenches required
    • Safe - Double shell design keeps outer temperatures of machine cooler
    • Durable - Stainless steel construction
    • Moisture collection: Integrated drip tray and steam collection


    • Disconnect Package: Allen Bradley interlocks on each of the access panels and with Category 3 safety circuitry
    • Steam Generator with Blowoff tank
  • Specs

    Maximum Container Size 7" wide x 15" tall

    110/120VAC, 50/60 Hz. single phase

    220-240VAC, 50/60Hz single phase

    Maximum Steam Input 80 PSI
    Max. Steam Consumption 200 LBS/HR

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