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ThermoPoint Steam Shrink Tunnels

ThermoPoint® and ThermoPoint Wide steam shrink sleeve tunnels are high performance models that provide three zone flexibility with the capability to independently set steam rates, heights and angles in each zone to achieve optimum shrink results.

A single ThermoPoint tunnel can accommodate a wide range of applications and production speeds. For applications with high shrink requirements, high speeds, or challenging container geometries a dual tunnel, six zone configuration will deliver the required performance.

ThermoPoint shrink tunnels offer tool-less container changeovers and the changeover process is simple, intuitive and repeatable.

Like every Axon shrink tunnel, ThermoPoint offers the flexibility to perform five important shrink applications:

  • Tamper evident bands
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Full body sleeves
  • Full body over the cap sleeves
  • Multi-packs

This flexibility makes Axon shrink sleeve tunnels one of the best values in the industry.

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Size range flexibility – Accommodates containers or multi-packs up to 6" in width and up to 15" in height. Larger sizes are compatible with ThermoPoint Wide tunnels
    • Stainless steel construction – Durable, easy to clean, easy to maintain
    • Cantilevered frame design – Accomodates installation in existing or new lines
    • Adjustable steam injectors – Steam injectors can be adjusted in four axes on each side of the three shrink zones for optimum shrink performance
    • Double-wall tunnel shell – Double wall design keeps external surface cooler
    • Double door panels – Easy to open and close door panels on both sides of the tunnel enhance ease of operation and maintenance
    • Position indicators – Precisely scaled, easy to read position indicators for all adjustable tunnel components make tunnel set-up and changeovers simple and repeatable
    • Integrated moisture collection system – Drip tray and steam exhaust system control and minimize release of moisture into the plant atmosphere
  • Options

    • Culinary steam filter - Removes particles and impurities in plant generated steam to meet industry standards
    • Steam generator - Boiler capacity sized for the customer's application

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