HZ-100 Horizontal Shrink Sleeve Integrated Systems

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HZ-100 horizontal shrink systems are designed to apply tamper evident bands and shrink sleeve labels to small diameter, cylindrical products such as lipsticks, eyeliner pencils, mascaras, and lip balms that are not easily handled in a vertical position.

The HZ-100 features an integrated tamper band or sleeve applicator with a shrink tunnel built on a single, stainless steel monobloc frame.

It includes a horizontal applicator with a static reduction system, an innovative after-tamp sleeve centering station, an integrated compact heat tunnel, a roller conveyor that rotates product inside the heat tunnel, and a discharge ramp for gentle discharge of products from the system.

HZ-100 horizontal tamper band and shrink sleeve systems are a proven solution for leading beauty and personal care product companies around the world.

  • Horizontal product orientationThe most effective method for handling and sleeving unstable, cylindrical products
  • Roller conveyorProvides continuous rotation of product inside the heat tunnel to impart optimal shrink
  • Cutting systemGuillotine knife mechanism provides a clean and precise cut for a high-quality finish - it's also simple to maintain
  • Recipe functionalityChange machine settings with the push of a button for quick changeovers
  • Bilingual operationEnglish, Spanish & Portuguese HMI
  • PMMI certified trainingOperator training provided by a PMMI Certified Technician


  • Dual Applicator Heads - Second head increases production speeds up to 120 cpm
  • Print Registration System - Fiber optic sensor reads film registration marks so the PLC can calculate cut lengths to assure sleeve length accuracy
  • Inspection & Rejection - Detects presence or absence of a sleeve (typically prior to shrink tunnel). No sleeve = container rejection
  • Vertical, Horizontal & T Perforators - Add perforations to enhance ease of opening
  • Non-round product handling - Rotates non-round containers to enhance shrink quality
  • Date Code Printers – Integrated thermal transfer printing of UPC codes and date codes
  • Infeed Hopper - Allows operators to load product into an automated container feed system that meters and discharges single containers onto the infeed conveyor
  • Spare Parts Kit - Recommended start-up parts inventory