HydroTech™ TB Washdown Tamper Band Applicator

The Axon HydroTech™ tamper evident band applicator is the newest edition to Axon's complete line of tamper evidence band and shrink sleeve applicators. Designed to operate in ice cream production environments, HydroTech applicators provide dependable steady state operation at speeds of up to 300 containers per minute. They are capable of applying tamper bands to round, and non-round containers up to 7.4" in diameter.

Hydrotech tamper band applicators are mandrel style machines that use food grade servo motion control to deliver consistent, repeatable performance. Container changeovers are tool-less and require less than 10 minutes depending upon product sizes and shapes.


  • Dynamic Speed Control - Enables the machine to automatically increase or decrease speeds based on line conditions
  • Print Registration- Fiber optic sensor reads film registration marks so the PLC can calculate cut lengths to assure sleeve length accuracy
  • Vertical Perforator - Add perforations to enhance ease of opening
  • Servo Product Spacers - Precisely separate containers at the infeed to assure smooth production
  • Spare Parts Kit - Recommended start-up parts inventory
  • Shrink System - Clean, space saving design with quick change heating unit
  • Servo-controlled Band Positioning System - Supports TE band on tapered containers