Tamper Evident Band Applicators

Axon offers low, medium and high-speed tamper band applicators as well as tamper evident band systems that include a shrink tunnel. Our tamper evident band applicators can easily be integrated with your existing packaging lines or we can also design and provide a complete system which includes the applicator, conveyor, and heat shrink tunnel.

Axon tamper evident band applicators are capable of performing up to five key sleeving applications:

  • Tamper evident bands
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Full body sleeves
  • Full body over the cap sleeves
  • Multi-packs

Changeovers are tool-less and can be completed in five minutes or less.

The flexibility to run shrink sleeve labels, tamper evident bands and multipack sleeves on a single machine makes Axon shrink applicators one of the best values in the industry.

Axon also offers also offers a cost-effective, dedicated tamper band applicator EZ-100HSX, capable of speeds up to 400 cpm. It is an ideal solution when a line requires a high-performance tamper band applicator.

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