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ThermoFlow Low Pressure Integrated Steam Tunnels

ThermoFlow® standalone steam shrink tunnels offer high quality shrink performance that only steam can provide with the convenience of an integrated, self-contained steam generator.

Don’t have steam generation capabilities at your plant? Don’t want to invest in a boiler, piping and certification?

Axon’s Thermoflow self-contained steam tunnel shrink system is for you.

When supplied with water and electricity, ThermoFlow systems automatically generate high quality, low pressure steam and directly supply it to an integrated shrink tunnel.

Why is low pressure important? Because low pressure steam generation systems are not subject to the same certification requirements as larger, high pressure boiler based systems.

ThermoFlow integrated steam tunnels eliminate the need for costly centralized steam generation systems. They offer tool-less container changeovers and the changeover process is simple, intuitive and repeatable.

Like every Axon shrink tunnel, ThermoFlow offers the flexibility to perform five important shrink applications:

  • Tamper evident bands
  • Partial body sleeves
  • Full body sleeves
  • Full body over the cap sleeves
  • Multi-packs

This flexibility makes Axon shrink sleeve tunnels one of the best values in the industry.

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  • Features & Specs

    • Uniform steam heat – Nothing beats steam heat for great shrink quality, particularly for high % shrink and complex geometry containers
    • Integrated 30kw 10psi boiler – Low pressure steam generation, defined as pressures equal to or below 15 psi, are exempt from regulations related to high pressure boilers
    • Size range flexibility – Container or multi-pack diameters up to 6" and heights up to 12"
    • Compact footprint, cantilever frame – Small footprint with cantilevered frame makes fitting a Thermoflow tunnel in either existing or new lines easy
    • Tool-less size changeovers – Fast, simple container changeovers increase uptime and enhance productivity
    • Stainless steel construction – Durable, easy to clean, easy to maintain
    • Clear lift-off front panel – Makes access to all key system components easy and convenient
    • Temperature control – Simple manual adjustments of steam exhaust quickly increase or decrease tunnel temperatures – eliminates expense of complicated electronics
    • Adjustable steam distribution – Perforated steam bars are easily positioned to achieve optimum shrink results
  • Options

    • Steam capture - Traps exhaust steam for ventilation outside of working environment
    • Third steam zone - Enhanced shrink performance
    • Spare parts kit - Recommended start-up parts inventory

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