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EZ-100HSX Tamper Band Applicator

The Axon EZ-100HSX tamper evident band applicator represents an excellent value for application speeds up to 400 cpm.

EZ-100HSX applicators are single purpose machines designed to apply tamper evident bands to containers. As single purpose machines they are simple to operate, value priced and change parts are a true bargain.

EZ-100HSX applicators are available with single-head and dual-head configurations. Dual-head models offer redundant production capacity which increase uptime during film reel changes or tamper band changeovers.

Both single and dual head models are fully automatic and they are designed with minimal moving parts for high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

As with all Axon applicators, the EZ-100HSX can be easily integrated with existing lines, or Axon can provide a complete system including the applicator, conveyor, and heat shrink tunnel.

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Fully automatic - Tamper band application process is fully automated and recipe driven and a touch screen HMI makes machine operation simple
    • Size range flexibility - Container closure diameters cross-sections range from .79" (20 mm) to 1.69" (43 mm)
    • Simple to operate, easy to maintain - Machine design minimizes use of moving parts which reduces complexity for both operators and maintenance personnel
    • Fast, tool-less size changeovers - Size changeovers can be completed in five minutes or less
    • Guillotine style cutters - Simple, durable and dependable two-blade cutting system delivers consistent, clean cuts with long blade life
    • Modular head design - Single head applicator can be easily upgraded to dual heads for increased production speeds
    • Cut-Push-Form System - Tamper bands are cut and then pushed into a forming tube prior to application by the trailing tamper band. This approach enables steady state speeds up to 400 cpm
  • Options

    • Static Reduction - Mitigates static build-up and increases uptime
    • Print Registration - Fiber optic sensor reads film registration marks so the PLC can calculate cut lengths to assure sleeve length accuracy
    • Vertical Perforator - Adds perforations to enhance ease of opening
    • Band Positioning - Belt system assures correct placement of tamper bands during application process
    • Low Film Alarm - Automatically detects low film levels and alerts operator
    • Product Spacers - Precisely separate containers at the infeed to assure smooth production
    • Inspection Rejection System – Detects high band, low band and no band
    • Infeed Timing Screws - Required for multi-packs and certain container geometries
    • Spare Parts Kit - Recommended start-up parts inventory
  • EZ-100HSX Highlights

    Cutting System

    Cutting System
    Guillotine knife mechanism provides a clean and precise cut for a high-quality finish - it's also simple to maintain

    Touch Screen HMI

    Touch Screen HMI
    Makes operating as easy as the touch of a button

    Left or Right Hand Orientation

    Left or Right Hand Orientation
    Run either left or right-hand operations to fit your packaging line

    Small Footprint

    Small Footprint
    Conserve valuable floor space with this 17" wide x 52" deep machine.

    No Lubrication Required

    No Lubrication Required
    Maintenance of our neck band machines are simplified with no lubrication required

    PMMI Certified Training

    PMMI Certified Training
    Operator training provided by a PMMI Certified Technician

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