Stretch Sleeve Label Applicator Systems

Our stretch sleeve label applicators can handle a wide range of applications. The label applicators can place a label on containers up to 5 gallons in size and at speeds up to 60 containers per minute. Depending on your business, any of the stretch sleeve label applicators offered by Axon can make an immediate impact on your production, increasing throughput, maximizing efficiencies, and creating high-quality sleeved products.

Working at high speeds, the stretch sleeve label applicators from Axon are available in multiple models, including:

  • ST-2650 Stretch Sleeve Label Applicator
  • ST-1500 Stretch Sleeve Label Applicator

With any inquiries and to learn more about the stretch sleeve labeling machinery from Axon, contact us today.

Watch Styrotech's fastest applicator in action.

The ST-1500 stretch sleeve label applicator is capable of labeling up to 30 CPM and containers up to 2-1/2 gallons.