Tamper Evident Band Applicators

The tamper evident band applicators offered from Axon are easily integrated into your already existing production lines. These applicators can handle all of your tamper evident and neck band applications at speeds up to 750 packages per minute. Axon also offers a complete system, including the applicator, conveyor and heat shrink tunnel. These tamper evident band applicator systems are quick, seamless, and accurate in each application.

Axon offers a wide range of tamper evident banding solutions to meet unique product requirements. Choose from among these tamper evident band systems:

  • EZ-100
  • EZ-200
  • EZ-650
  • Aurora System
  • HZ-100
  • EZ-200
  • EZ-400
  • EZ-100HSX

Find out which tamper evident band applicator is the best solution for your specifications by browsing these videos and contact Axon today with any inquiries.

Watch the EZ-100 in action on a wide range of sleeve label and tamper evident band applications.

This collage video shows the EZ-200 in a variety of sleeve label and tamper evident band applications.

Watch the EZ-650 applying shrink sleeve bands on multi-packs of aluminum pans.

Watch an Aurora System configured for a tamper evident band application at 250 containers per minute.

The HZ-100 is a top seller in the cosmetics & personal care industries.

Watch the EZ-200 in a tamper evident band application.

The EZ-400 is able to process shrink sleeve labels and tamper evident bands from 150mm up to 400mm in film layflat width (LFW).

Axon's EZ-100HSX is a high speed tamper evident band applicator.