Multipack Sleever Machines

Axon applicators can be configured to process twin packs and other popular multipacks. The multipack sleever solutions are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in each application. Available in low-speed and mid-speed, Axon offers the EZ-Standard, EZ-Wide, Aurora, and Aurora Wide applicators. We can also provide a complete systems, integrating the applicator, conveyor, material handling, and heat tunnel.

Shrink sleeves for multipacks are designed for versatility, capable of:

  • Applying tamper evident bands
  • Full body shrink sleeves
  • Partial body shrink sleeves

To learn more about the multipack applicators, browse these videos and contact Axon with any questions.

See the Aurora applicator in a twin-pack application.

Watch several Axon applicators, such as the Aurora, EZ Standard and EZ Wide, configured for a multipacking solution.