Heat Shrink Sleeve Tunnel Equipment

Axon's heat shrink sleeve tunnels are designed to work with both tamper evident bands and sleeve labels. The heat shrink tunnels are compatible with a wide range of standard product sizes, offering optimum shrink performance in steam, convective and radiant applications.

There are three different technologies of heat shrink tunnels available from Axon, including:

  • Convective (hot-air)
  • Radiant (infrared)
  • Steam

The convective heat shrink tunnels use a re-circulating design, the radiant heat shrink tunnels utilize infrared heating elements, and the steam heat shrink tunnels use steam energy. Find out more about heat shrink tunnels from Axon by browsing these videos and contacting us today with any questions.

The ThermoFlow is a compact, self-contained heat shrink system that features a low pressure* steam shrink tunnel integrated with a small steam generator and condensate collection.

The Axon ThermoPoint® steam tunnel is designed to handle the most challenging of packaging shapes!

The EZ-SRB convective heat tunnel uses recirculating air flow technology to provide optimum shrink performance.

Watch our compact ThermoRay delivering a high quality shrink in a neck band application.

A high-efficiency heat tunnel that offers high-quality shrink performance that only steam can provide.