Axon Introduces Latin American Businesses to a Safety-Interlock System for ThermoPoint®

Feb 21, 2013

RALEIGH, NC — Axon, powered by ProMach, debuts for Latin American businesses a Category 3 safety-interlock system for the ThermoPoint® steam heat tunnel at Expo Pack Guadalajara, February 27 – March 1, Booth #1006.

The Category 3 safety circuit standard was developed in the United States by the National Fire Protection Association and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Category 3 standard is designed to protect workers from physical hazards in the workplace.

The Axon Category 3 rated safety-interlock system ensures that during operation a “door open” condition immediately stops the flow of live steam in the tunnel. The system also includes a manual reset pushbutton that prevents steam flow from restarting automatically after clearing a fault.

“Customers will find this Category 3 safety-interlock system the perfect addition to the ThermoPoint steam-heat-shrink tunnel in terms of ensuring operator safety on the packaging line,” said Adrian Hermosillo, director of marketing and Latin American business development, Axon.

ThermoPoint is Axon’s top solution for a quality shrink process for labels and tamper evident bands especially on the most challengingly shaped packaging. The ThermoPoint steam tunnel is easy to use and maintain and also decreases downtime by facilitating fast changeover between products.

ThermoPoint is available in three or six zone configurations and each of the tunnel’s heat zones can be independently adjusted to deliver steam to the label or band at different rates, heights, and angles. This level of precision leads to improved control of the shrink process and ultimately to higher quality, consistency, and throughput.

Heat zone graduated dials and steam injector adjustment indicators not only enable precise control of the process, but also ensure repeatability between batches.

For more information on the new Category 3 safety-interlock system for Axon’s ThermoPoint steam tunnel, stop by the Axon Expo Pack Guadalajara Booth #1006 or contact Adrian Hermosillo at 919-772-8383 ext.136. For a full overview of Axon products, including heat shrink labels, tamper bands, and stretch sleeve applicators, as well as heat shrink tunnels, visit

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