Axon has an established reputation working with dairy producers all over the globe, offering tamper evident band applicators and heat shrink tunnels.

Axon works with many dairy producers, both large and small, to provide shrink sleeve solutions. Axon also offers a full range of ice cream tamper band solutions for containers from 3 oz. to 2 ½ gallons. Axon has extensive tamper evident banding experience, with over 2,000 tamper band application systems in operation around the world and over 100 systems installed in U.S. dairies producing ice cream.

Axon tamper evident band systems accommodate round, oval, rectangular, and square ice cream containers and size changeovers are tool-less, fast, and simple. We can apply PVC or PETG shrink tamper bands to both paper and plastic containers. Tamper bands can include vertical perforations for consumer convenience. They can also be non-perforated for added security. The newest addition to Axon's complete line of tamper evident band and shrink sleeve applicators is the HydroTech, designed specifically to operate in ice cream production environments, and features speed operations of up to 300 containers per minute.

We offer a full range of applicator and tunnel models that can deliver everyday production speeds from 30 cpm up to 300 cpm. Our tamper banding systems are space efficient with small footprints and cantilevered stainless steel frames make installation in current production lines easy. Axon’s experienced application engineers work closely with customers to specify the optimum applicator and tunnel combination based on the sizes and shapes of their containers, required production speeds, and line layouts. EZ-Standard applicators and EZ-SRB tunnels are our most popular models for ice cream tamper band applications. A wide range of additional applicator and tunnel models are also available for applications with special requirements.

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