Whether you're just starting out with a limited budget, or are looking to expand your craft beer sleeving operation, Axon is your one-stop shop for craft beer can sleeve labeling.

Axon's EZ-150SL shrink systems are a value priced solution ideally suited for cylindrical containers such as aluminum cans. Developed specifically for the craft brewing industry, they are designed and configured for production lines requiring speeds up to 150 cpm. EZ-150SL systems are simple to operate and maintain their low price point by eliminating frills and by offering a limited number of options. They are widely used for ready-to-drink beverages, canned beers, wines, nutritional supplements, and personal care products. Also includes prepainted beer cans, printed beer cans, and predecorated cans. Axon's shrink systems can include steam, radiant, or convection heat tunnels and experienced Axon application engineers will assure your system is configured to deliver dependable performance.

Axon provides beer can label applicator systems engineered to support the versatile needs of the craft beer industry. The EZ-150SL, a standout model, is specifically designed for cylindrical containers such as aluminum cans, popular in craft breweries. It supports efficient labeling with speeds up to 150 cpm while maintaining affordability by focusing on essential features. This approach makes the EZ-150SL an optimal solution for craft breweries that require scalability in their packaging processes without incurring high costs.

Axon applicators enhance product visibility and brand identity through the application of high-quality, full-body craft beer sleeve labels that mimic the appearance of direct can printing. The craft beer sleeve labels offered by Axon enhance product visibility and brand identity through high-quality, full-body coverage that mimics the appearance of direct can printing. Utilizing heat-sensitive films, these labels conform perfectly to the can's contours, providing a seamless and attractive finish. This labeling technology is particularly effective for seasonal or limited edition brews, where the cost and logistics of using preprinted cans are impractical. Axon’s sleeve labeling solutions offer a flexible and economical alternative, allowing craft brewers to produce eye-catching designs that capture consumer attention.

Axon’s beer sleeve cans labeling technology is designed for flexibility and performance, capable of handling various applications including full body sleeves, partial body sleeves, and tamper evident bands. These applicators are integral to production lines across not only the beverage sector but also in industries like cosmetics and household products. Axon's systems are engineered for reliability, ensuring consistent application and reducing downtime, thus providing one of the best values in the shrink sleeving industry. This performance is backed by comprehensive support and service that ensures Axon systems continue to meet client needs efficiently.

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