ST-1500 - Stretch Sleeve Label Application on Plastic Bottles

The ST-1500 stretch sleeve label applicator is capable of labeling up to 30 CPM and containers up to 2-1/2 gallons.

We are pleased to present Styrotech, a leading manufacturer of stretch sleeve label application equipment, with installations throughout the world. For more than a quarter-century, our patented technology has set the standard for application of stretch sleeve labels. Styrotech’s ST-1000 and 2000 Series machines are the most reliable and simple stretch sleeve labelers made in the world. Today, there are thousands of these machines operating worldwide.

All standard Styrotech machines are manufactured using high grade stainless steel and are equipped with high quality, electromechanical components. The operator’s job is simplified through a user-friendly operator interface panel. In normal operation, the bottles are conveyed to the machine, a bottle is then positively indexed into the machine. Once the bottle is in position, a gate closes and a set of mechanical clamps grab the bottle and move it onto the sleeving platform.

At this point, the sleeve label is fed by a set of drive rollers onto the sleeve former. The sleeve is precisely registered by an optic sensor, opened, and then presented to the label clamps. The label clamps grab the sleeve and stretch it to a predetermined amount then ready it for the dou-struck application onto the bottle.

Once the sleeve is in position on the bottle, the bottle clamps grab the labeled bottle and moves it onto the conveyor. The entire sleeving process is mechanically synchronized and driven by a single electric motor. Movements are controlled by mechanical cams for smooth and long operating life. This unique design gives the ST Series the smallest footprint available in the industry.

Each machine is also capable of handling various sized and shape bottles with a changeover time of less than 30 minutes. As the world’s most experienced manufacturer of standard and custom stretch sleeve labeling equipment, Styrotech is the first name in sleeve stretch labeling. Our machine designs have evolved over a quarter century bringing both experience and product reliability to our customers. Our semi-automatic to automatic are certain to meet your requirements, whether you are a start-up company or a multi-plant corporation.

Styrotech’s patented systems are the most cost effective and versatile automation equipment on the market today. Our goal is to make stretch sleeve labeling technology affordable to every manufacturer, whether you are a new company or member of the Fortune 500, call Styrotech.