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Craft Beer Solutions

A High Impact, Flexible and Cost Effective Alternative to Printed Cans

Why Consider Shrink Sleeve Labels For Craft Beers?

    1. Point of sale impact and brand building – Shrink sleeve labels can be printed with four, five, six, seven or even eight colors which makes it possible to use beautiful, high impact process artwork to support your brands and products. Printed cans just cannot compete. Their drab, simple graphics look downright boring when placed side-by-side with high-impact shrink sleeve labeled cans.
    2. Lower inventory expense – With printed cans, truckload quantities of every SKU must be ordered and stored in inventory. Since storing empty cans is the equivalent of storing air, your hard earned $ is simply being wasted as the inventory ages. With shrink sleeve labeling, you purchase and inventory bright cans and reels of shrink sleeve labels. The volume of cans in inventory drops significantly as does the amount of cash tied-up in packaging inventory. And bright cans never need to be scrapped unlike printed cans that become obsolete due to ingredient changes, graphics changes or discontinued products. When that happens and the obsolete printed cans head to a recycling center, ouch.
    3. Lower order quantity minimums – Aluminum can manufacturers have order quantity minimums because of the costs associated with setting up their printing presses for each production run. If a craft brewer wants to produce a seasonal product, or a special edition product, and their projected volumes fall below the minimums, what can they do? Pay a low order quantity upcharge? Drop the idea completely? Or switch to shrink sleeve labels? The set-up costs for printing shrink sleeve labels are much lower than cans, and order quantity minimums and pricing reflect this reality.

    Axon shrink sleeve labeling systems provide a simple, flexible alternative to printed cans. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or looking to expand your production, Axon has a shrink sleeve system that is right for you. Our shrink sleeve systems range in speeds from 40 cans per minute to up to 800 cans per minute.

    Label and can size changeovers are easy to execute, and no tools are required. And, the labels will look great with the optimal shrink performance from our heat shrink tunnels. With Axon shrink sleeve labeling, every can is a work of art.